Electro-mechanical marking

Electro-mechanical marking the cutting and engraving, special plastics, we are able to make masks and schemes according to your drawings for visual marking of technical and electrical processes in your production, for the needs of machines and plants that you use in your production processes.

Package is use to accompany the making of the Church program. All product had made from wood and varnished or painted. We can help you make signs and stationery that match your company’s brand using a router or other woodworking
tools. We specialize in leather key fobs, photo albums and card holders. We can
make any idea a reality with our special cutting, engraving and etching
process. We can create signage for your bar or dining room, from simple letters
to beautiful decorations that will get everyone talking.


We are also able to make tiles for special metal foils and plastics for the inventory of your company, as well as marking business premises, plants, and prescribed warning signs. All plastics are resistant to moisture and external conditions.

Art Plastik can produce a variety of plastic products, including masks and highly-decorated schemes to mark technical and electrical production processes. These are useful for marking the requirements of plants and machines that you use in your manufacturing process.

We can also make tiles for special metal foils or plastics to mark your business premises, plants, and other warning signs. Electro-mechanical marking  is common for device to connecte to the Internet. This makes them susceptible to external tampering and cybercrime. Artemide is aware of this and has made a conscious effort to keep up to date with new technologies in order to provide a simple yet effective solution.

Bolivia Virtual Numbers

virtual number can be used to call a regular, real number. Virtual number is not connect with any physical phone line, or SIM-card. With free apps for Android and iOS, you can also answer and make calls from your laptopYour Bolivia virtual number will provide the same experience for people calling it as calling a regular number. Calls makes from your phone number also be display to others before they answer. 

Virtual numbers or virtual landlines in Bolivia are nothing more than conventional phone numbers that you can get by signing up with your company. However, there are many benefits to virtual numbers such as immediate online discharge, no need to sign anything, calls can be attended from your mobile or cell, virtual PBX, the ability to change diversions to another number at any time.

You also get a virtual number for Bolivia from any of the cities in Bolivia. Once you have chosen your city, you can then tell us which landline or mobile number you would like to receive calls to this Virtual number. It will work within minutes.

How can you buy a Virtual Number for Bolivia?

Electro-mechanical marking


It is very simple, you don’t need to sign any contracts or stay. You can sign everything online. Firstly, choose the Bolivian virtual number from the list. Next, select whether you wish to forward to a landline or mobile number. Finally, select whether you want to purchase a virtual phone number. Then, register in Fijovirtual to buy the virtual number you desire to call.


After you have completed the online purchase, you will receive an email with your virtual number data and access to our online platform. You will be able view and perform the following tasks on our website: View your virtual phone number, view history of incoming calls (origin number and destination), subscribe to our platform for recurring payment with Paypal so that you can forget it expires and continue making payments every month. Change the destination of your virtual number’s reception, manage your virtual PBX also more